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Factors affecting the price of the concrete batching plant

The concrete batching plant also known as the concrete mixing plant is an equipment that efficiently combines the various ingredients (sand, cement, water, etc) to make up concrete. These ingredients are mixed in various ratios depending on the final type of the concrete which the company desires. The batching plant is one of the most important equipments in the construction industry. There are two main types of batching plants, the dry and the wet mix plants. The concrete plant has many important components which include the cement and aggregate batchers, aggregate bins, conveyors, mixers, heaters, cement silos, control panels and dust collectors. The efficiency of the batching plant is more important to get a high quality and durable concrete.


When we want to buy a concrete batching plant, the price is the first factor most of us are concerned about. The concrete batching plant price level often determines the user’s choice. Here we shall discuss about the factors that will affect the price of a concrete batch plant.


The demand of the market – This is the first factor that affects the price of the concrete plant. If the demand is high and the supply is less, it means that the concrete batching plant is in short supply, so the price of concrete batching plant will be relatively higher.

The brand effect – If the batching plant is from a reputed manufacturer whose equipment quality is guaranteed, the price will be relatively higher. Sometimes the equipment price is 30% higher than the other concrete batching plant manufacturers product.

The price of the steel – The main structure of the Concrete batching plant is made of steel and steel materials, so the price of steel has a direct impact on the price of the batching plant.

Technical performance – This is another important factor that impacts the price level. The Concrete mixing plant with a good capacity and quality of the stirring, along with high performance, low energy consumption and technical design process, will be slightly more expensive than the general ones. But such batching plants will also give you high quality concrete and high performance.

After sales service – With a long time use, there will be some problems more or less with the concrete plant. If the after sales service offered by the manufacturer is perfect, then the equipment prices will be higher, because these costs will be counted. If there is no after-sales service, then the price is certainly much lower.


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