German Plant Experience - Worldwide supplier of Cement Terminals for cementitious products like Cement, Fly Ash, Powdered Ores and other Bulk Materials
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Welcome To GPE Group of Companies

German Plant Experience is a worldwide supplier of large Cement Terminals to manufacturers and suppliers of cementitious products like Cement, Fly Ash, Powdered Ores and other Bulk Material all over the world.

Cement Terminal Manufacturer | Concrete Terminal

Cylindrical Silo Cement Terminal

Given that GPE can offer Cement Terminals with each Silo upto 10,000 MT, a combination of the these sizes can be used to design Cement Terminals of relatively large sizes even in very remote corners of the world accessible only by lorries.


Such Cement Terminals are especially useful in following circumstances :

~ Cement Terminal for loading by the ship; and unloading to the Cement Trucks for local supply. Such terminals are typically at the Port.

~ Cement Terminal either at an Industrial Area or a Sea Port for Bulk Cement Storage for distribution of Bulk Cement as well as Cement Packaging using a Cement Bagging Unit

~ Typically a Satellite Cement Terminal constructed at a distance from Main Cement Terminal to feed landlocked geographical area.

~ Storage of Cement at the Cement Factory prior to distribution.


Main characteristics of Cement Terminals

Designed and manufactured in sizes up to 10,000 MT each, these Cement Terminals can be flat packed inside standard Shipping Containers for normal transport using ships and trucks. As a result, these terminals can be transported to remotest parts of the world wherever a truck can reach. Once at site, the various panels of the Cement Terminal can be bolted together and erected.


~ These Cement Terminal, using pumping equipment can be charged with cement direcyly from the ship or by Bulk Cement Trucks. GPE can offer suitable pneumatic conveying systems, ship loading/unloading system etc as per specific requirements of the project.

Cement Terminal | Cement Terminal Manufacturer | Concrete Terminal

~ Due to high Tonnage of Cement per Square Metre of installation, these cylindrical silos can be profitably installed at small areas of land available near the port.

~ These Cement Terminals present the option of Cement to be loaded directly into Cement Trucks or pumped suitably to Cement Bagging Machines for packaging.

~ Using combination of Telescopic Chutes and Cement Screws, Cement can be discharged into Trucks either under the Cement Silo or besides the Silos.

~ With an individual Cement Silos capacity of up to 10,000 MT, almost all major storage requirement of Cement Terminals are met for almost all applications of Cement Terminals. For example, a 20,000 MT Cement Terminal would have a bank of several 10,000 MT Cement Silos connected to each other; or a combination of connections depending upon the desired configurations.

~ These modular Cement Terminals can be erected using erection crews, cranes, resources and lifting equipment. As a standard practice, we always offer our factory trained engineers for erection and commissioning supervision to keep the erection costs under control ensuring the ensuing Cement Terminals conform to the highest standards of Safety and Productivity as well as keep the erection prices under control of our clients without any compromise on the quality parameters.

Flat Horizontal Cement Terminal | Cement Terminal Manufacturer | Concrete Terminal

Flat Rectangular Cement Terminals

German Plant Experience, as a premier worldwide supplier of Special Low Height Flat Rectangular Cement Terminals, meets the requirements of its worldwide clients for Cement Storage with exceptional solutions. These Low Height & Flat Cement Terminals are very effective in the following circumstances :


~ Cement Terminal for loading by the ship; and unloading to the Cement Trucks for local supply. Such terminals are typically at the Port.

~ At some sites, the client specifically needs low height silos because because of strict local policies regarding tall structures as they may influence the proximity of airplanes flying and may also be a problem in the landscaping of the city.

~ A High water table at the proposed site has always been a challenging task for deep digging in such areas. These flat silos don’t need deep foundations as the load is uniformly distributed over a large area. Much shallow foundations will suffice for such flat silos.

~ In some places of old heritage and pre-existing structures, the government doesn’t allow the industries to do the deep digging. Client don’t need to do any deep digging providing satisfaction to the client by following all applicable local laws.


Operational Features of Low Height & Flat Rectangular Silos:

~ Our Flat & Rectangular Cement Terminals have a structural design made unique by its modular manufacturing so that the Terminal is capable of transport in normal shipping containers to the site. Once at site, local labour, lifting equipment and resources are used to erect the Silo. We always offer Factory trained erection/commissioning supervisors to guide local engineers nominated by the client to assemble, erect and commission the Cement Terminals in the safest possible manner for a long trouble-free operation.

Flat Horizontal Cement Silo | Cement Terminal Manufacturer | Concrete Terminal

~ These Low Height and Flat Cement Storage Terminals are designed and manufactured to receive cement mechanically or pneumatically from ships directly. These Cement Terminals can also be loaded pneumatically directly from the Cement Trucks parked nearby using their own compressors. Low discharge height of cement in the terminal ensures that no special pumping equipment is required, although it may depend on several other factors.

~ The Cement Terminal can be unload directly to the Cement Trucks pneumatically or by use of Cement Screws and a Telescopic Chute.

~ The transportation and erection very easy. Compared to welded Terminals, it is much easier and faster to shift this silo from one location to another location.

~ The overall size of the Terminal can be increased by adding more modules of Silos at a later stage. Depending upon future requirements of customer.

~ This terminal can come preinstalled with a cell system for the weighing of cement during loading as well as before unloading.